Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Letters #2

Friday's Letters comes from Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds.

Dear work week, It was nice to have Thursday off instead of working 5 days straight. I was able to get caught up on things, which is ALWAYS a good thing.

Dear me, You need to stop talking to yourself all the time when you're alone. It is funny though.

Dear headache, It's time for you to go away. It has been a long day at work and I want to relax.

Dear Conan O'Brien, You never cease in making me laugh out loud. Thank you for posting your monologues on YouTube. I could sit around all day watching them. And sometimes I do.

Dear autumn, I love you. When I realized I had to work on Wednesday, the most gorgeous fall day I've ever seen in a long time, I was sad. It won't be long until your beauty is over, so I am determined to savor every minute I can when I step outside to see you.

Have a great weekend everyone!!! 

 Jessica Sankiewicz


  1. I looove autumn. It and spring are my favourite seasons, but they don't last long enough! I hope your headache is gone. I talk to myself all the time too, and then sometimes I realize I'm doing it and it's like 'ok, stop, you're going crazy' lol. I forgot yesterday was Friday so I didn't do my letters - hopefully next week I'll remember, haha.

    1. Autumn doesn't last long enough! I usually keep telling myself to shut up, lol. That, and laughing at myself all the time over it. I hope you do, I missed seeing them! :D