Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday's Letters #6

Friday's Letters comes from Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds.

Dear Marie, Congratulations on publishing The Game Changer! It is a must read book for everyone. I am so proud of you! <3

Dear Saturday shopping trip, I am crossing my fingers that I can find some goodies to add to my wardrobe. I've been clearing out my closet and drawers of the stuff I don't wear anymore. It's time for something new! Let's do this!

Dear Twinkies, I'm going to apparently have to purchase you in bulk and store you in a freezer if Hostess goes out of business forever. How could I ever live without you?!

Dear people at work, Thanks for being so nice and funny. You make work more enjoyable and lots of fun, even when it's busy and somewhat stressful. Also, thanks for appreciating me. :)

Dear Sunday, I'll be using you to (hopefully) finish cleaning up my room. It is driving me nuts to not have the time during the week to even do a small section. Expect a random playlist and occasional outbursts of choruses and giggles. I am determined to get this done!

Dear If Only We, You will be getting some more revising this week because I am anxious to get to these scenes... Can I do another 1700 words this week? I sure hope so.

Have a great weekend everyone!!! 

 Jessica Sankiewicz


  1. This meme is so cool. I love reading about all of the things that make up a writer's life.

    1. I really like doing it, although I sometimes find it difficult as to what I should talk about. I need to start making notes through the week. :P

  2. Aww you're gonna make me cry. You're so sweet! <3
    I hope you had a great shopping trip. Did you find new clothes? I was hoping to buy some clothes on my shopping trip last Saturday but I didn't find anything (except for Logan lol)...BUT I found new shoes and it's nearly impossible for me to find shoes since I have big, wide they were on sale!
    I hope you're able to finish cleaning your room, too. It's almost 1am and right now I have *stops to count* 11 piles of books on my floor that I've been trying to organize for weeks and I attempted it again today and they're still sitting there lol. I'm going to have to put them back on the shelf again, but they're semi-organized into categories at least. Ugh!
    Good luck with your writing this week! <3

    1. I'm going to make you cry?! You almost made me cry reading your acknowledgements last night. <3

      I only found a couple things clothes-wise, but I did find an adorable dress to wear when I go out for some drinks with a friend next month. And I found a bunch of DVD's and other random cute things, including... a Castle calendar! That was one of the best finds. Lol. :) I sometimes have trouble finding shoes mostly because of comfort. I can be really picky. :P

      Me too! I think I'll be bouncing off the walls until it is done. Good luck to you on getting your stuff organized! :D

      Thank you!!! <3