Thursday, November 8, 2012

Inventing more weekends and changing the world

Instant message conversation between myself and my best friend Rebecca tonight...

Rebecca: What time you working tomorrow?

Jessica: 11:30-5:30 or maybe 6:00 depending on how busy it is. How about you?

Rebecca: 7:30-2. Then weekend.

Jessica: Oh joy! Yay weekend! I can't wait for the weekend.

Rebecca: Me neither, weekends are amazing. We need more of them.

Jessica: Amen to that!!!

Rebecca: We could go somewhere with this idea....

Jessica: Invent more weekends?!

Rebecca: Totally! People would love us!

Jessica: They so would!

Rebecca: We may get a high school named after us! Personally I would prefer a cafe but whatever.

Jessica: Yeah, a cafe would be better. Or a candy store.

Rebecca: We could get a cafe AND a candy store, they could be next door.

Jessica: Yes! Next to our two bedroom/two walk-in-closets-that-are-really-bedrooms house.

Rebecca: Yes! I'm liking this a lot.

Jessica: Me too. We need to cancel everything we have planned for the next month and get this started.

Rebecca: Yeah.... how about the month after? We got that shopping trip.

Jessica: True. Scratch that. Maybe we can get it done before the new year. Then 2013 can be known as "The year Jessica and Rebecca changed the world as we know it" and they would have a parade every weekend.

Rebecca: That would rock! Can we have a giant panda bear balloon at the parade?

Jessica: Of course! They would give us anything we wanted. ANYTHING. Because they will love us that much.

Rebecca: Awesome! We could even get a giant lemur balloon.

Jessica: Lemur balloon? I want a lemur!

Rebecca: Maybe they'll get you a real lemur?

Jessica: They better. I gave them more weekends for crying out loud.

Rebecca: True dat!

The things we come up with sometimes...

♥ Jessica Sankiewicz ♥


  1. This made me laugh like a loon. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who has totally bizarre, nonsensical conversations on that weekend thing. Seriously. <3

    1. Hehehe, I was hoping you'd get a chuckle out of it. I'm planning on posting more of these as they happen. A nice fun way to add something other than writing to the writer blog. And yes, I shall get right on it! ;)