Friday, December 14, 2012

Normal like a FOX!

Instant message conversation between myself and my best friend Rebecca after she suggests an idea I've mentioned off and on over the past couple months as an alternative to the situation at hand...

Jessica: You got that right!

Rebecca: Of course, I learned from the best.

Jessica: Oh yes. I am a troublemaker. And a bad influence. And I'm awesome.

Rebecca: Which is exactly why I love you.

Jessica: And the fact that you appreciate that about me and that you're the same way too is why I love you!

Rebecca: We make an awesome pair don't we?

Jessica: Why yes. Yes we do.

Rebecca: Our poor families....

Jessica: Hahaha, oh yeah. Definitely. That's why they think we're crazy... haven't they figured out that we're the normal ones and they are crazy? Talk about crazy...

Rebecca: I know right? Because you know that crazy people are the normal ones now? Statistics prove it.

Jessica: I am so normal. Normal like a FOX!

Rebecca: LOL! Didn't see that coming.

Jessica: I didn't either, what the crap did I write?! OMG I am giggling under my breath. What the crap.

Rebecca: OMG you ARE slap happy.

This is why I shouldn't be let outside the house when I'm tired.

 Jessica Sankiewicz

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