Monday, June 24, 2013

Listening to the bands and music we love

One thing you need to know about me is that I have this tendency to be obsessive...

Rebecca: You gotta love that moment when My Darkest Days comes on Pandora.

Jessica:  OH MY GOD. And now I have to listen to them... blast you!

Rebecca: HAHAHAHA. Putting My Darkest Days on there was a brilliant idea though.

Jessica: Hahaha! I have a Three Days Grace radio... I should listen to that right now. I'm just on a Marina and the Diamonds kick. OMG her music is just freaking awesome. It has all this FEELING in it and I just love it.

Rebecca: Lol, sometimes there's just one kind of music you're in the mood for.

Jessica: Yes. Definitely. Like the other day I was about to leave for work and I was like DUDE I WANT TO LISTEN TO THREE DAYS GRACE so I grabbed their latest CD and listened to it. OMG it was the best thing EVAHHHH!!! So that will be played in my car for the next couple weeks. It'll be like right after I bought the CD all over again. It was SO WEIRD listening to it in my car. I hadn't listened to the album in a couple months and it kinda took me back to when I started at my last job because that's when I got the CD. It was like this crazy feeling, like déjà vu.

Rebecca: We must love our music A LOT. I do that too

Jessica: We do. Music is awesome times infinity to the eighth power squared.

Rebecca: Ditto.

 Jessica Sankiewicz

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