Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Weekly Writing Update (23)

Because what's a writing blog without a writing update?

As you have seen, my main focus as of right now is If Only We, a young adult contemporary novel. I am in the process of revising and rewriting this one.

If Only We - current word count total is 57,556.
current revision word count is 15,328

I can't remember how many chapters I've gone through... but I believe I did hit my goal from last week. I *think* I'm on Chapter 9 from the first draft, but because I combined a couple chapters, it's technically now Chapter 7. So, it still counts. Right? I'm going with yes.

Okay, on to the revising process: This last week has been pretty good. I did have a freak out over this one sentence that hated me. Other than that it wasn't too bumpy. I actually deleted full sentences and paragraphs. And I didn't freak out! It felt good. Like, REALLY GOOD. The first one I was looking at and debating, then I said to myself, "Just delete that blasted section! It SUCKS and it adds NOTHING to this scene. It actually RUINS it. DELETE IT NOW!" So I did. I haven't hit any of the major changes yet. Once I do, the word count may slow down a tad because I'll have to figure out how to fix those scenes.

OMG. So, other than the revising, I have managed to come up with like a bazillion ideas for my next couple novels. My phone has... *counts* ... HOLY CRAP... 30 notes on it with dialogue between my characters. Plus, I wrote another conversation directly in my idea notebook. I really need to finish If Only We so I can move on to the next one.


Goal for next week: Another 4 chapters. Why not? ^_^

 Jessica Sankiewicz


  1. I think you should write comedy lol. You're doing so well! It's great that you've gotten to a place where you're ok with cutting stuff out that's not necessary. It isn't easy to do, but when you realize that it's not adding anything, that's a huge step.

    1. I should write comedy! Hehehe! :D Thank you sweetie! Yeah, it's hard to let go of certain parts of your story, but when you know it is for the best, you have to just do it. ;)

  2. Yay for all the new ideas and revision progress. I know it hurts to cut scenes that you've spent time on but I truly believe it will eventually help. Isn't it funny how we're so obsessed with having certain words and sentences when we're writing but in hindsight it's almost embarrassing to read over again.

    1. It does hurt, but you're right--it is sometimes embarrassing to reread these so-called "gems" we thought we wrote, lol. :P