Friday, June 14, 2013

My Weekly Writing Update (24)

Because what's a writing blog without a writing update?

As you have seen, my main focus as of right now is If Only We, a young adult contemporary novel. I am in the process of revising and rewriting this one.

If Only We - current word count total is 57,556.
current revision word count is 18,218

I don't think I met my goal from last week but I still got somewhere. Nearly 3000 words is nearly 3000 words! I'll take it! It is getting to the point where the story gets somewhat frustrating to read through. I'm thinking in my head, "Is this believable? Does this conversation make sense? WHAT IS UP WITH THIS SENTENCE?!" In any case, I'm going to push to meet the goal for last week AND another two chapters.

What's annoying me is that I keep getting these inspirations for my next couple stories. It's like "PLEASE just let me finish this one first! Blast you inspiration and imagination! I love you but you're killing me!!" I'm fine though. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to type out a full scene for the next one to shake things up a bit. We'll see.

 Jessica Sankiewicz


  1. Yay you! You're doing great! And I so know what you mean about inspiration while you're working on other projects. It's amazing but frustrating at the same time. I think when the ideas are really there though, you should at least write them down so they don't disappear!

    1. Thank you sweetie! *hugs* Oh, I know. I can't not write the ideas down anymore. I've lost a few over the years because I didn't write them down. :P