Monday, June 17, 2013

Thoughts on my song of the moment and alcohol

Disclaimer: I really don't drink alcohol that much. I don't know if wine coolers even really count. They almost have enough alcohol to create a placebo effect on one to imagine that they're being goofy because they think they just drank alcohol when they really didn't. I'm honestly this crazy sober too...

Jessica: I'm addicted to this song right now.

Rebecca: I'll have to check that song out. Got Pandora on right now.

Jessica: Well, stop Pandora and listen to the song dang it!

Rebecca: Ok ok ok lol.

Jessica: Hahaha! It's been playing in a loop over the last like two or three days... I can't remember when I discovered it. I was on Twitter looking for something else and I saw a link to this song and was like, "Hmm, what's this?" Clicked it... and BOOM. Obsessed.

Rebecca: It's very catchy.

Jessica: I've been dancing around my living room... :D

Rebecca: Snap. You are very happy.

Jessica: What can I say? Oh, and I drank alcohol tonight. And somehow find myself extremely giggly at the moment for no apparent reason.

Rebecca: I so nearly asked you if you were drinking.

Jessica: You should be drinking too. Because drinking is awesome and it tastes delicious.

Rebecca: Oh, believe me I want to but I have school tomorrow and I have to leave early.

Jessica: Seriously though... I got some wine coolers because I wanted to have a variety around to just have with dinner once in awhile. It was the best idea I've ever had. I've become more accustomed to it. Like drinking a wine cooler or a drink before was kinda like, "Yeah, this is good" but it was kinda one of those things that didn't always taste the best, you know? Drinking alcohol is something you have to grow to like to some degree, and I think I've finally hit that point where it doesn't taste weird at all. I'm actually relatively sober. I drank most of the wine cooler two hours ago. I almost got another, but I decided I should be a good girl..... A good girl? What is wrong with me?! I should get another wine cooler and stop talking crazy.

Rebecca: I can't think of a response to all that.

 Jessica Sankiewicz


  1. Fact: you are insane and I love you.

    Also? I just discovered vanilla flavoured vodka and it is the best thing ever. I tried to drink it straight and almost died (I'm a wienie), so I decided to mix it with stuff and omg no matter what you mix it with, it tastes like a freezie. So far I've tried blueberry watermelon juice (the boys'...I don't normally drink much juice but I kinda drank all theirs lol), ginger ale, and 7up. SO GOOD. And because it tastes like a freezie I find myself sort of chugging it and then it's like 'whoa, there's alcohol in there, slow down girly!' And you see this is why we're friends, we're both completely bonkers, sober or not.

    1. I am?!?! AWESOME. I love you too! :D

      OMG. I saw that the last time I went down that aisle... AHHH!!! Now I must get some and do a little bit of mixing because that sounds so freaking good right now it is crazy. MUST TRY IT SOON. Thanks for telling me about it!