Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Official First Post About My Work-In-Progress

Now that I have sent If Only We off to my beta readers (*passes out*), I finally have time to plot out and start writing my next novel.

I love to hear in advance a little bit about the projects certain authors are working on. It’s a nice little treat, a teaser, of what is to come, especially if they are one of your favorites. So, I want to do a little bit of sharing for you guys as well.

This one came to me more recently. It was within the first month I started my new job at a different pharmacy. For several years now, I’ve wanted to write a story about a girl who works in a pharmacy. I have worked in pharmacy for more than 8 years now so I have plenty of tales to tell with regard to customers and coworkers. I always thought it would make good satire. Only I wasn’t able to figure out a story line to go along with it. I didn’t want it to be just about some girl working in a pharmacy. I’m all about stories with romance. I can’t write a story without a romantic element in it. But now? I found that romantic element.

And it is perfect.

Since it is still early in the works, I don’t want to give away too much about the details. There are a few things to tell you though. I am going to give you a list of the basics.

1). The title of this story will be With One Glance. I’m actually quite proud of this--#2 will tell you why.
2). With One Glance became the title because of one integral scene that ties the MC with her love interest. It’s that moment where they both realize that there is something more and it changes everything.
3). The genre is New Adult Contemporary.
4). The MC is named Stana and her love interest is named Joel.
5). There’s not only a love story but also a coming-of-age type theme wherein the protagonist is making decisions as an adult for the first time.

And there you have it! A little taste of what is to come. I hope to have a synopsis for With One Glance in the next couple months to share with you. In the meantime, you’ll just have to come by for my weekly updates and see if I share any more little details as I write it.

 Jessica Sankiewicz


  1. WOOHOO! Also? I kinda giggled over the name Stana. I'd have giggled more if the love interest's name was something like Malcolm. ;-)

    1. Bahahaha! YES. I was thinking, Should I name her Stana? Or would that be too weird? Not that the name was weird, just because of my Castle obsession. But I have a good story for the name to use in the book, so it works. Malcolm, LOL. That would be AWESOME.