Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year and Resolutions!

Hi everyone! Happy 2018!

I'm extremely happy that it's finally 2018 and that 2017 is over. I didn't feel super productive the last two years, but I'm pumped for the new year. I have so many goals in mind, writing-wise and otherwise. I also have a few resolutions in mind for the year, too.

Let me tell you about everything!

I don't have a lot on the docket for writing as Jessica; most of my writing goals are for Lilly Avalon. But I do have plans for one more poetry compilation and a possible short story. I haven't set any dates in stone for either of them, but I'm looking at April again for the poetry, and the short story will be finished in between my Lilly projects.

There is a possibility of potential other projects in the works, but I can't guarantee anything at the moment. I have an old idea that has come back and cleared up some of the missing pieces recently, but with all the other stories I'm working on, the aim is to reach for it in 2019 instead.

Every year I like to have resolutions in mind, or at the very least a new mindset to help me be a better person. There are SO MANY things that I've been thinking about which ones I want to focus on in 2018. Here is what I've narrowed my list down to:

  • Learn German (I started early 2017 and then lost my momentum)
  • Get healthier (I gained a lot of weight and haven't been eating well)
  • Be successful (in everything from my author career to eBay)

It's all simple stuff, but I'm determined to accomplish these things in 2018 and not allow anything to get in the way, especially myself! Sometimes I sabotage myself when things get difficult, but I know that I can't keep doing that. I know that 2018 is going to be my year!

Anyways... I'm so glad to be ringing in the new year with you! Hope you're having a great start to your new year and I wish you luck on your resolutions! :)